Elizabeth Williamson, LL.B.

Focusing on Residential Real Estate, Wills, Estates and Governance Work

Helping clients plan for their succession by ensuring they have effective wills, powers of attorney and health care directives that reflect their wishes. Assisting with estate administration. Working with organizations and their boards to develop better governance.
I am all about planning for the future, and improving organizations through better decision-making processes.

Wills & Life Planning

Who should I choose as an executor? What do I do when I have beneficiaries with special needs? I am moving in with my girlfriend, will this affect my will? Is there some way I can protect my daughter’s inheritance from being split with her spouse? What is a Power of Attorney? How do I set up a Living Will?

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Estate Administration

Do I need to probate the will? How long will it take? What happens when there isn’t a will? What happens if there is a will, but none of the named executors can act? How do I handle an estate? How long will it take?

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Residential Real Estate

Are you feeling the excitement of your first home? Are you considering downsizing? Whatever the reason, real estate transactions may seem daunting when dealing with the paperwork, land titles and your financial institution. Let me help you navigate the deal with solid, practical advice and assistance with the necessary paperwork and financial transfers.

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What is good governance? What types of policies should we have? How do we develop effective procedures? Are our bylaws working for us? How can we evaluate director performance? Can you help our board be more effective?

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Plan for your loved ones.

Losing a spouse is one of the most difficult situations you will face. Now imagine losing that spouse, but with no idea of your partner’s wishes or financial matters. A difficult time can become more upsetting and uncertain for your family when you refuse to plan. Planning for your succession can provide the answers your loved ones need.

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